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GeneralTechnical Info
Flexible solution

CEH flow regulators are available with capacities from 4 l/s up to 30 l/s see diagram. They are designed for semidry/dry installation. See also CYDK (12-60 l/s).


CEH flow regulators are intended for drainage water containing sewage.


All CEH flow regulators have a replaceable outlet orifice plate enabling adjustment of 20% of the setting giving mean capacity. For capacity changes, please contact Mosbaek A/S. We identify the regulator by means of its reference number and calculate the dimension of the outlet orifice plate to suit the new capacity.


The CEH flow regulator is characterised by an extremely high braking effect, which makes it possible to control small volumes of sewage containing water.



Application chart

Excellent control and large orifice opening

In general the CEH flow regulators ensure that the discharge is below that of a throttle pipe at corresponding mean orifice openings. See the characteristics of the flow controller illustrated on the accompanying graph.


The CEH flow regulators offers hydraulic resistance owing to the cascade chamber and the vortex chamber. When the controller is operating, the cascade chamber of the inlet causes a strong contraction of the inlet jet. As a result, the flow resistance is increased, which means that the orifice opening may be increased by 50% compared with products offered by some competitors.



Head-discharge curve for CEH

Low construction, operating and maintenance costs

Definition sketch for CEH regulator

CEH flow regulators are designed for semidry/dry installation and installed at the inlet opening. The difference in height between the inlet and the bottom race must be at least 300 mm. Cast banquettes sloping from all sides towards the bottom race on the outlet side ensure that inspection, service or change of capacity may be carried out under hygienic conditions.


Other features of the CEH regulators are:


  •    Constantly large orifice opening
  •     No moving parts
  •     No electrical components
  •     Made of acid-resistant steel (AISI 316L Werkstoff 1.4404)    


These features contribute to low construction, operating and maintenance costs.



Typical applications

Generally, the CEH flow regulators are used in connection with:


  •     Overflow structures
  •     Inlets of pumping stations
  •     Customer adapted design


Besides, this type of regulator may be used in many other situations. Please contact us for further information.







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